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  • Let the gas field start from the foot, high heels outline your intellectual charm

    Word tied with green high heels, fine red bottom shoes for men with the design is to enhance the temperament of women, as a banquet temperament shoes, certainly will not lose the gas field. Ankle lap around the circle design, unique and innovative, making the whole shoe more plump and durable, revealing the toes of the moment, feeling good feet are good. 2017 summer word high-heeled sandals, metal round buckle design is a texture, fight with the fine with the weaving style, more shoes characteristics. This kind of weaving high heels, watching more with a sense of flexibility, but also strong and durable, the color is also very beautiful and beautiful, comfortable and not wearing feet, fashion and wild. Personality S with sequins fine with high heels, open toe magazine models, very trendy personality, christian louboutin red bottoms Europe and the United States is very elegant style of the atmosphere, the metal bright color of the tape highlights the more fashionable personality. Festive red high heels, and red nail polish is very match, match very, and very fashionable wild, but with high, but wearing a little tired feet.

    High-heeled sandals simple word buckle, not only the classic atmosphere can also be a good modification of your ankle; simple version of the type, open toe design, comfortable and wear and no loss of feminine. Diamond design is the whole pair of shoes highlights, eye-catching high, people feel at first sight like, just with the high feet on the type of thin feet, walking smooth tired feet, with the skirt, pants with full female elegance Ladies temperament. Nude color is more wild more long legs white skin I do not say, it is important that this pair of shoes, although the fine high heel, but very good to walk, the design of the buckle to make it more with the foot, There is feminine. Cross straps high red bottom shoes for men louboutin pumps heels to the ankle modification is very slim, you can choose according to their own habits with high meet different needs. The upper is imported suede material, looks very grade. Dress is a good match with the fine sandals, unknowingly to enhance their own Tuige and taste, instantly elongated body proportions, wearing clothes also better read it.

    2017-09-19 20:11:30
  • Small white shoes in the end how wild? 4 kinds of distribution with unlimited possibilities

    Just as a thousand christian louboutin heels readers have a thousand Hamlet, the expression of beauty may vary from person to person, and the love for wild products is surprisingly consistent. This spring suddenly fire up the small white shoes, whether it is long skirt or handsome cowboy, both into the workplace or leisure, are 100% fit your mind. But then the United States have to know how to match the white shoes, and today we have to look at what small white shoes in the end with the way it! Summer white shoes and denim shorts is the most with, in fact, white shoes with all the cowboy single product are very appropriate, but the summer with a pair of white shoes with your denim shorts, it will appear the whole person fresh and playful, the whole is very comfortable. And denim shorts with the time, the small white shoes to play a very good role in the age, so you look relaxed and comfortable whole people, but we recommend that you still choose a slightly lighter denim shorts, and small white shoes and put up The whole will appear brisk some. Cowboy single product, of course, this universal good take the cowboy skirt, and small white shoes is the best partner, like this year, many female stars are in love with embroidered pattern denim skirt, so in a pair of clean The little white shoes is its most perfect partner. Denim skirt and small white shoes is the most take, denim skirt style wrapped around, pleated, many types, with white shoes are very In LOOK.

    I believe a lot of girls for the denim shirt are put it down, but the most match with the denim shirt or small white shoes, always see a lot of stars with a denim shirt with high heels, but in fact this is not suitable for ordinary people, The most insurance or with a small white shoes, small white shoes and the denim shirt tough, so that your overall style soft up. White shoes are also suitable for wearing in the office, but the reality is that many girls are blind ride, wearing neither fish nor fowl, but let the white shoes in the office lost popularity, recommended to your office with white shoes is a relaxed and handsome louboutin sale Thin windbreaker, feet with white shoes is the most appropriate. Round shoe last, with anti-collision, easy to clean and other functions. The first layer of leather, texture clear, good flexibility, soft and comfortable, with a certain degree of gloss, and high quality Lace design Adjustable shoelace length, easy to wear shoes, firmly solid out. Using wear-resistant rubber, into the anti-skid shading, shock and wear a solid anti-skid. Exquisite beauty embroidery into the upper, for the simple upper to bring a stylish touch, and with ribbon ribbon lace design, get rid of the previous material constraints, with a light ribbon as a fabric, as a whole brought a rich visual level Feeling, not only enriched the details of the visual experience, but also with a refreshing dynamic personality brought out the vibrant sunshine temperament. Soft inside will be the combination of appearance and feeling, comfortable and breathable, christian louboutin heels soft skin and full of personality.

    Walking is a kind of desire from the heart, like the mind in the trip. Metal hit the color design to show youth sports style, exquisite metal hit the color in the tongue and heel personality embellishment, and the slope of the drill pin echoes, shine out of the shoe last breath and shape and color, Travel is easy to let people grass, whether it is with a skirt or pants, simple white shoes can be perfectly integrated into. It is a sports shoes, but it is refreshing not cover their feet, because it is inside and outside the use of the whole layer of leather material, breathable and wet to bring fresh feelings. According to the Asian foot shape designed to optimize the shoe last, perfect fit the foot type, bring a real comfortable feeling, the dot-style ultra-elastic massage insoles, delicate red sole shoes skin at the same time, but also through Massage point to achieve a more comfortable experience, put it all over the world do not feel tired. It will re-shape the retro small white shoes out of the new height of fashion, solid color of the shoe body does not add any modification, clever splicing metal zipper in the shoes, easy GET uninhibited visual experience, the details of the United States play well, Followed by the iconic pentagram elements, showing the fashion personality of the different, shoes body smooth lines, the perfect fit of the foot type, wearing more comfortable and comfortable, wiping leather, full of fashion personality, color shiny, so that People fell in love with it at first glance. Followed by the bright color splicing lit its clean temperament, while revealing the feeling of personality and fashion, without modification of the pure white shoes bloom out of its reckless and unruly, with the West Coast style printing, solid shorts, clean Comfortable and fun. Toe on the three-dimensional embossed star, type grid new Ming, unique, soles of the five-pointed star plate LOGO, colorful eye-catching, with the feeling of contemporary city.

    2017-09-18 20:12:52
  • As a woman, how can not wear high heels
  • Summer do not wear flat sandals, and look short and fat, smart women wear loose shoes
  • Pointed high heels big long legs of the shaping, one can achieve the story, rhyme flavor
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  • Clever choice, flat shoes can easily Zhiding high-end big!
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  • Retro shoes is christian louboutin shoes sale not obsolete suction magic weapon
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