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  • Women have a pair of such beautiful shoes, in order to find their own white horse king

    Spring is coming, the girls all know, to see a woman's taste depends on her shoes ~ big high heels can really expensive! Do you have! And wearing a subway, shopping, always feel that they are in the storm! However, we can also be limited in the budget to pick the super style ah ~ hurry to learn a few strokes, the election of the shoes, female neuropathy can also change the goddess of a second! Stylish European and American style allows you to "tide" from me, selected high-quality fabrics, red bottom shoes solid thick with the design, super toughness. Wear. Seismic! Exclusive design allows you to wear a different style, unique design allows you and the public different!

    Shoes tie, an increase of complex sense, lace with a unique line of beauty has a small luxury feeling, only a pair of lace shoes can create a stylish shape! Coupled with a small pencil pants or with leather pants or with skirts and so have their own different visual yo! Very beautiful and unique personality of the shoes, with the disposable woman and then fit, and instantly enhance the elegance of women, dating, shopping, party will make you a bright spot, it is suitable for the workplace woman, because you are very simple but comfortable Of a shoe, the big business the most indispensable a style, take the British style, go shopping to wear the most appropriate, with the weight can effectively hold the weight of the soles of the feet, not tired of England style fashion women's shoes, Wearing a very comfortable and comfortable, not grinding feet, my favorite is white, looks simple and generous, but not dirty, if you are too lazy to take care not to choose the white shoes is the biggest feature is comfortable! If you need to stand for a long time or a long time shopping crush may wish to consider this shoe, not grinding feet, round shape design, elegant and generous, strap showing a metallic luster, giving a smart beauty, simple not simple! Very lady of a leather boots, it is suitable to take the elegant line of MM selection. At the foot of different women can also be interpreted in different styles, or elegant, or generous, or noble, or tender and beautiful, this winter every woman should have a pair of high-heeled boots! It is every girl plus a beautiful secret weapon!

    2017-03-22 22:49:58
  • Feet long girls wear what shoes look good temperament elegant goddess Fan children

    Foot long girls wear what shoes look good, do not know from when to start, people's aesthetic feel that little feet is beautiful. So long feet to wear what shoes can be significantly more pleasant feet? Today for everyone to count several of the most popular summer and most suitable for the footwear girl shoes. Women and the United States shoes have endless stories, from childhood to steal the mother's high heels began. There is nothing in this world is a pair of shoes can not be resolved, if there is, then two pairs. So we can see how much love women love shoes. Then the feet are thin and long to wear what kind of shoes, wearing high shoes on both sides will be empty, but because the foot long and must wear such a large size of the shoes. So feet long and thin girls, what shoes to wear the best look?

    Foot long and thin girls, the first pair of US shoes should be tied with sandals, and do not say now how many elements of the banding jacket, shirt, dress, and even around the bag can be seen, just tied with sandals outline the foot Sexy enough to make it a whole summer. Tie shoes from the beginning of last year has been the fire up, this year is the influx of people who will lose the shoes, as the fashion influx of people you, how can you miss this popular trend? Said that tie shoes is difficult to control, the requirements of the leg type is relatively high, is simply tail for the long and thin tailored to you. However, the feet of the girls in the choice of tie sandals, please avoid the tip of the style, try to pick the toe strap sandals. Simple and generous yet feminine, and control is not so difficult.

    Simple and generous sandals, straps of the design, simple and not cumbersome. Unique design sense, but the best white sandals with a light upper body Oh Feet long girls wear high heels is the best, so you can look a little shorter feet, and round high heels better effect. This pair of rings with Mary Jane round high heels, not only look small feet, but also christian louboutin sale very young age cute. Retro Mary Jane round shoes, each girl should have a pair of classic models. This pair from the fairy tale out of the United States shoes, to meet your girl heart, princess dream.

    2017-03-22 22:43:15
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