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  • Comfortable flat shoes, piercing full of ladies Fan

    A variety of styles of flat shoes in the summer popular, and leisure comfort is to become their main theme! Simple modeling, whether it is, out of the street work, party dating, are a good choice. Most women choose to wear high heels is to increase the gas field, increase self-confidence. I do not know can put the flat shoes to wear nice people really fashionable. British wind shoes, texture of the patent leather design soft touch, coupled with a comfortable flat design, very good to wear. There is a kind of handsome little girl with a charming feeling together. Wearing flat shoes, whether it is shopping or travel are not tired Oh! High-quality leather upper, there is no modification of the pores of the fine embodiment of the atmosphere texture came oncoming. Round the last design to be waxing bright red to do the old color design, increase the upper 3D stereo feel. Elastic strap design, perfect slender feet. Wear-resistant soles, good flexibility on the foot of christian louboutin red bottoms generous elegance. Comfortable and easy to wear round head flat shoes, square head louboutin sale this year is very popular style, retro, charming favorite light wear this good, patent leather material is very good care and very wild, bow is very sweet, this casual shoes design, Very comfortable feet, and sometimes should let your feet relax, comfort is the most important! Very personalized shoes, selected sheepskin fabric, soft touch. Uppers as side buckle and round nails, handsome. Square version of the overall appearance of exquisite playful style. Two styles of choice, everything with you, super wild, like how to wear on how to wear!

    White shoes, light to see it is very temperament it, pearl embellishment is also very special, shallow mouth of the asymmetric design, simple piercing fashion, elegant tip how can match with the usual, but also super wild Section of the. High-quality ultra-fiber patent leather, leather delicate soft grade, wear and breathability strong. Elegant pointed, more foot shape is more thin, easy to highlight the trend of temperament. Breathable pig skin inside, sweat strong, so that both feet feel fresh and comfortable, fashion diamond with, more agile and lively. Circle is really ubiquitous, this stylish shoes, selected high-quality fabric, soft touch wear. Ring embellishment christian louboutin red bottoms moment to enhance the fashion sense of shoes. Refreshing and comfortable inside, so that your feet enjoy the comfort, always keep fresh breathable, non-slip soles, walking more secure. Easy christian louboutin sneakers to wear comfortable, comfortable and comfortable inside design, so that your feet enjoy the comfort, non-slip comfortable soles, walking more comfortable, comfortable, Safety.

    2017-07-27 20:17:53
  • High heels have become obsolete, light cat with the shoe powder countless

    Every girl has a princess dream, want to have a pair of high and thin and beautiful crystal shoes, of course, it is just a dream, I think a lot of girls and Xiaobian like high heels still maintain the distance, not try, then choose A pair of low-heeled cat heels, this kind of shoes to wear like a cat as elegant and lightweight, is simply open the United States, so that you can also sult to the toes, but not tired feet Oh, now show the field everywhere Are the cat with the shoes of the figure, is simply hot, and it is super wild Oh, a variety of style style clothes can easily control, still waiting for what, fast and Xiao Bian together with the powder it. The design of the fight color is particularly ingenious, with a pointed design with a light Mature taste, exquisite belt buckle decoration, look elegant Fan full, coupled with chic fine, wearing comfortable and tired feet, Of the breath, such a pair of shoes you can not love it Compared to the shiny leather, low-key introverted suede more casual with more suitable for casual occasions, this pair of suede cat heel is very low-key but unconventional style, the classic tip of a good modification of the foot type , No extra decoration so it can be suitable for a variety of occasions, turned temperament type ol rely on it. Shoes to help face the use of high-quality materials, crystal shine, beautiful last louboutin shoes type, temperament of the small pointed, pulled up the foot line, was very thin, 6 cm small cup with, very comfortable, showing the curve posture, wear Comfortable Oxford bottom, put on very assured, like you can start Oh.

    Elegant tip is able louboutin sale to modify the foot type, the upper is the suede material is to add a sweet feeling, comfortable rough with the liberation of high heels oppression of your feet, so you are not tired of shopping, word buckle design more convenient , Retro atmosphere is very good with the color, like girls to start it quickly Elegant pointed highlights feminine, elegant temperament and capable gas field arises spontaneously, the upper big bow adds a sweet feeling, neutral and out of the tip to bring the sexy, the girl breath and feminine taste very good To combine, pure black color is very white and very wild Pearl shoes is also popular this spring single product, the combination of pearl shoes and cat heel style is more people love, elegant pointed with a good texture material, the ankle at the metal ring around the mosaic of a metal Balls and pearls, shiny pearls coupled with glorious metal, the more lining was ankle fine, jade foot fiber, ladies temperament filling.

    Mature women prefer some luxury cat heels, glossy gem decoration can create a luxurious feeling. The upper is the fashionable side buckle, inlaid with shiny bright gems, walking between the shiny can not be ignored, always become the focus of the crowd. The most special thing about the shoes is the combination of silk and cat louboutin outlet heels, elegant tip is very good to stretch the lower body visual ratio, so that you change the length of the long legs, thick christian louboutin outlet with the girls who do not wear a fine is clearly more friendly , The classic basic models can wear all year round, with what clothes are not unexpected.

    2017-07-26 20:15:21
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