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  • Handsome look! The original pair of shoes with this pair of shoes, even so cool

    Jeans with canvas shoes, sports shoes are very popular, even with a comfortable and comfortable Peas shoes or Martin boots are also many, but the sister who have not tried to use high heels to match with jeans? Xiao Bian can be very responsible to tell you that jeans with high heels, the kind of handsome upright image, really super sultry, do not believe you try! Jeans as the basic style of the cowboy series, wearing on the body to add freedom for her sister, reckless, bold or passionate and other different character charm, and in general, cowboy with canvas shoes is the most appropriate, and high heels With a fine dress is a perfect match, very few people think of these two styles together. Black tight louboutin sale jeans, so that the body of the body more slender tall and straight, if the money to high heels, the kind of tall image really super handsome pull People, and most importantly, there is no lack of women's own charm Oh ~

    Different colors can choose, the sister who can wear a different feeling, the other feet pants style can also be the sister of the legs modified more elegant and charming, coupled with high heels, how to wear how handsome. Velvet design so that the fashion sense of jeans more rich, with a pair of high heels, not only able to wear high taste, with velvet design, fashion sense full, afraid of their no charm? Compared to the previous section of a regular trousers design, even with a suede design, it is quite quite satisfactory, high waist design with high heels, body type can be more heroic tall and straight charm. Tearing, holes and fleece and other elements of fashion personality to do embellishment, full of fashion sense and personality charm, but if the sister did not want to be said to be a small kid, then with a pair of high heels is undoubtedly the best choice.

    Stretch fabric with tight pants shape, even if the sister's legs slightly fleshy, leg can also be more compact and charming, with double high heels, not only gas field up, in fact, charm will follow the value. Although the trousers have tearing design, but the style of the pants is still relatively simple, which also let the image of the sister is not too different, with double high heels, a touch of handsome image, it is suitable for gentle girl. It seems that high heels are generally used with skirt or workplace equipment, and casual style-based jeans, it seems natural not fit, in fact, this idea is really wrong, high heels coupled with jeans, the kind of heroic image Of the gas field, a lot of foreign stars in the normal life of the road pressure to love so wear, not only the momentum, but also significant charm Oh ~ high heels different types, with jeans to wear out the effect will be different, such as this Square head rough heels, with jeans, wear out the feeling may be more significant atmosphere of the taste.

    Fine high with the wear on red bottom shoes for men the feet, sister tall and elegant image will be more prominent, with jeans, the gas field will be more prominent, so that the momentum of the sister up, more sultry attention. The upper christian louboutin into the serpentine design, but also a different kind of beauty, because the body color is very bright, so with a dark jeans can play a very strong visual effects, but also to make her sister more fashionable fashion.

    2017-04-24 20:38:01
  • Tie high heels, a show of women's sexy charm!

    High heels is one of the beautiful artifacts of women, fashionable high heels to meet the needs of different sisters, was high, was thin, was temperament, an ordinary sister wearing high heels can also create a shoes with red soles goddess of gas field. High heels style is very much, today we recommend trendy straps with high heels, straps style highlights the beauty of the ankle, and let you red bottom shoes for men wear more sweet temperament. Looks more simple atmosphere, smooth shoes and exquisite overall shape, put on very small feet, and a kind of gentle and elegant feeling, coupled with the bow tie more sweet wild. The upper gloss is very good, bare pink looks sweet personality. Comfortable high-heeled high-heeled radian perfect shoe last curve design, plush diamond mosaic, fine solid is not easy to fall off! Exquisite workmanship, simple cut, louboutin sale human with high design. Ultra-sweet color design, stylish pink with a touch of gray stitching. This is a high heels feel a little retro feeling, the choice of color is also very engaging, with the feeling of the whole person's temperament rose a big cut.

    Solid color style is very wild, fine with a decorative ankle, so that the feet more slender charm. Rough with the design, the classic tip style, but also to make shoes look more fashionable personality, wear is also very comfortable. With a glossy upper, pointed style, even more women's gas field. Cross lace can create a visual effect of the foot, nude color with the skin with the color is very obvious. The whole shoes style wild, with jeans and skirts are very atmospheric. Pointed fine with the high-heeled shoes wearing a competent temperament to the city of light Mature women's shoes above the absolute is ultimately such a high heels, women's self-wear out. Slender band out of a woman's ankle charm, was thin fashion.

    2017-04-23 20:32:10
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