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  • This year wearing shoes popular exposed heel, the liberation of your feet!

    To say that this spring and summer super popular shoes, Mueller shoes is certainly in the forefront, want to release his feet from high heels, that non-Mueller shoes are not selected, christian louboutin heels not only good to wear, and significantly christian louboutin heels high power But very deep, small man can easily control! The Muller shoes refers to the rear heel exposed, and the front toes do not reveal the shoes. The bottom of the Muller trailer wear high, the front looks like a small leather shoes, work can wear ~ with jeans is the most classic wear law, remember the length of jeans must choose more than nine points exposed ankle, upper body with a shirt , T-shirt such a casual style strong christian louboutin for men single product looks full of personality it ~ with wide leg pants, it is thin no limit, upper body with a shirt or T-shirt are very good to see the most suitable for spring and summer refreshing small white pants christian louboutin for men with Mu Le shoes to the same rich and fresh style ~ Mushroom cool in the choice of pants when the same should remember that nine points above the law of the ankle ~

    With a short section of the download must be a small piece of mushroom cool who preferred ~ remember the coat of the pendulum into the pants or skirt will be even more high Elegant pleated skirt and flat bottom Muller shoes collision is handsome and woman's style, work can also be with this Oh ~ and cool solid color shirt skirt with, full of temperament, whether it is out of the street or vacation are very suitable Oh ~ and open Pants skirt with, will weaken the original too Yan Yan sexy style, but more than a lot of fashionable atmosphere ~ rough with almost all the models are introduced, to say the degree of fire, it should be three pairs of staff! Both the height and very comfortable, small pieces of mushrooms are the necessary pieces of coarse ~ with Mu Le slippers with a wide range of skirts, the elegance and with the combination of the collision was very personal ~ Pants skirt with Muller heels, make your legs long an instant increase of 10 cm! Small body of mushrooms are quick to take a small book to record this set of LOOK!

    2017-07-23 20:15:37
  • Short of the girls of the Gospel, slope with the most intimate shoes!

    Women are born to care, the pressure of work, the city's hustle and bustle, enjoy the physical and mental relaxation is simply a luxury. Oh, in fact, not so complicated, as long as the step on the step of happiness, everything will become simple. How to find a happy pace? Slip heel shoes is the best choice for this season. The advantage of wedge shoes is that with the thick bottom, in a limited situation on the infinite christian louboutin sneakers increase, but also easy to walk than the fine high-heel. After Xiao Bian's study, the following several women most suitable for slope with shoes. First, the legs have christian louboutin heels a line of women. Calf round and strong lines and wedge heel combination will lead to all kinds of sexy guess, if the legs are more stout girls do not choose the wedge heel, because the thick soles will bring bloated effect, you can wear high heels to make up for this insufficient. Second, the slope with the shoes is the petite little girl's gospel, not only can elongate the visual effects of the body curve, and generous soles do not like the high-heeled shoes as an unexpected feeling. Third, some girls skin is a natural healthy color, rather than white fair, such as love sports girls, in fact, this type of girls can wear wedges heels. Retro series of wedge shoes most suitable for wheat color skin of the girls.

    Elegant slope with shoes, fashion bow, to create a rate of fashion, texture hollow hollow at the end, unique charm, to create a special elegant temperament, soles of the arc design perfect fit foot structure, very comfortable, high quality silk leather, leather Soft and smooth, more breathable and comfortable. Simple and without a trace red sole shoes of complicated shoes design, along with the smooth arc will be natural, subtle and refined depth of integration, the use of superb technology, in the classic and comfortable to create a wonderful splicing, toe elegant bow, not only romantic also Can highlight the charm. Simple fashion design, the workplace wild, you can always show charming charm, sweet bow, bright colors, luster seductive, playful bright color to reveal the temperament, the bow is the finishing touch, pig skin inside the excellent wear resistance, excellent row Wet breathable. Comfortable rubber stretch opening, close to your feet walking is not tired, beautiful bow decoration, elegant and comfortable, comfortable 5 cm slope with the design, effectively avoid the flat heel walking to bring the fatigue, the first layer of leather, with a good touch And ductility, rubber soles, non-slip wear. Comfortable and soft shoes, bring the ultimate wearing experience, polyurethane soles, ultra-slippery wear, durable wear, very suitable for everyday wear, toe personalized christian louboutin red bottoms print, very unique, more romantic and elegant flowers, several colors can choose , Very intimate.

    2017-07-20 20:05:46
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