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  • The gospel of the girls, the shoes so that your legs become longer!

    Many girls do not like the reasons for going out often because the child is not high, with the sisters when shopping is always a red sole shoes lack of a sense of presence, especially looking at other people are wearing thin and self-cultivation of clothing, the heart is inevitable a little small Small loss, but if today you little MM can listen to Xiaobian a word, I believe will let you find self-confidence, and even like the sisters with shopping Oh, what way so magical? That is prepared for their own pair of stylish exquisite shoes, instantly grow 3-5cm tall words, at the same time did not dare to buy in the long clothes now wear it also have temperament, Xiao Bian himself is not tall, but a pair Increase shoes really make you re-love life Oh ~ was significantly thin design, 2017 popular music shoes debut, leisure fashion wild models that go away, no longer feel bound, no matter what occasion to wear are very Appropriate Oh, can you hold this spring?

    The upper use of ultra-fiber fabric, soft and breathable and durable, solid color simple fried chicken wild, put it instantly increased 7cm, Korean original simple design, a total of three colors optional Oh, little girl favorite Oh! You must point the softness of the vamp, especially the soft and soft soft and not collapse, three-dimensional type, zipper pattern heel, personalized tide line hook line, stealth within the increase was easy to increase significantly thin, convenient lap adjustment easy to wear off, the whole Version of the type of tide full Oh The United States to the sky of the Brooke pine cake shoes, easily let you get rid of the traditional single shoes boring, leather upper delicate exquisite, fashion and retro, the trend of shoes with thick soles, vividly outline the elegant three-dimensional lines, full of personality Single shoes style let you stand out in the crowd.

    Unique tail type, temperament small round head, the first layer of leather and wool the perfect stitching, elegant within the increase in design, both the trend and comfort, so that your heels with red bottoms degree of fashion greatly increased, easy to make you a shining focus The Comfortable to take a pair of shoes to get a number of occasions, soft and comfortable upper, easy to stain the oil anti-wrinkle, plus cashmere shoes inside the warm and strong, non-slip wear-resistant soles life is also higher Oh, the goddess of the design fashion trend , High-quality PU fabric delicate soft and flexible, soft inside the skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, solid wear-resistant heel long wear is not tired, all-round care of your feet, comfortable lace design elegant generous, soles mixed pattern design easy walking Free, fully meet the different requirements of various christian louboutin shoes sale occasions. 3, the classic canvas shoes modeling, exquisite design exclusive to you, high-quality breathable canvas scrub easy and beautiful, side zipper design fashion more type, anti-collision of the toe comfortable and intimate, removable within the increase What kind of charm you want to grasp Oh louboutin sale ~

    Whether it is feel or color than the ordinary fabric is much better, multicolored lace design naturally with the nature, charming temperament followed by elongated leg lines, long wear is not tired, anti-skid wear soles comfortable and smooth, college style version Put on after the full vitality Oh ~

    2017-04-27 20:14:43
  • Beauty and fear of wearing high-heeled tired feet? Do not worry, you have them

    Xiaobian has always been like high heels such as life, no exaggeration to say that the closet was used to put my shoes. But recently was several low red bottom shoes heels to the crazy kind of grass, not only comfortable and very fashionable elegance, and now Xiaobian will share them to you beautiful and afraid of high heels tired of the sister paper it ~ pointed little low with the Version of the comfortable and uncomfortable feet, white and white color fresh and elegant, very obvious temperament, shoe elastic elastic cross strap design more ballet feeling, super elegant ~ bright patent leather material so that shoes are very shining, round and near flat With the version of the type of more comfortable and leisure, and some Meng Meng's rush, the upper double leather buckle design can be a good way to prevent shoes fall, pure black color more wild. To ballet shoes for the prototype and the revision of a shoe, square head with a small low-type version of the super-comfortable, especially for those who do not wear the tip of the fine high-heeled sister paper, silver color with cross straps, temperament rise I do not know A level! Often see Xiaobian article should know that Xiaobian favorite is red, super glamorous eye-catching, pointed small low with the version, elegant and comfortable both, super suitable for the office of the OL who Oh ~

    Square head with a small rough version of the type of comfort is not tired feet, especially for those who do not wear a good tip for the high-heeled sister paper, the upper strap elegant design and prevent shoes fall, black color is more thin with a good The Round head and almost flat with the design is very casual and comfortable, whether it is home or outside wear are no problem, the upper side of the buckle with a thin button at the same time more effective to prevent the shoes louboutin heels fall, white color fresh and elegant. Pointed little low with the version of the type is very elegant and tired feet, even if wearing a shopping red bottom shoes will not be embarrassed and return. Vamp of the bow decorated cute playful, red color more glamorous.

    Very temperament of a shoe, toe small low with the version of elegance and comfort coexist, pure white color is more fresh and elegant, the upper three-dimensional flowers and lace buckle more elegant feminine taste. Pointed small low-heeled design is very suitable for wear not wear high-heeled shoes, both elegant and comfortable, positive view is very simple basic models, shoes behind the cross strap is the design of the careful machine. Square head shoes have always been the goddess of the heart of the heart is good, this square foot shoes is not only elegance was temperament, cleverly increased and not tired feet, is simply a matter of several, pink and color is full of girls heart. Sturdy leather to make shoes more type, square head with a small version of the type of more comfortable uncomfortable feet, very casual with the nature, pure black color is very wild, casually with a small pants are very fashionable. Pointed and almost flat with the design is very elegant and comfortable, especially for those who wear not used to fine high-heeled sister paper, double christian louboutin outlet buckle design more visually thin, but also can effectively prevent the shoes fall, red color more glamorous Eye-catching.

    2017-04-26 20:25:14
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