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  • It is not afraid to wear out your shoes and hats

    Time, such as white horse gap, blink of an eye has entered the winter, the South's friends, although still shorts shorts like summer, but the central and the north has been cold and wind bursts, every winter, in addition to winter clothes Qiuku, a pair of warm and comfortable shoes Indispensable drops. Especially for the cold, sedentary office or helpless friends in school, unless your blood circulation is really good, or ten of nine you will sit in the sedentary cold, especially cold feet. Coincides with the two eleven incoming, this time do not change clothes, do not wear summer red bottom shoes for men New Year? Up and more harmonious with the upper, Lycra help the upper and feet more fit, in the process of running, the feet will not slide around to enhance the performance of the movement. Wavy pattern wear outsole, not only cushioning anti-skid to bring a comfortable wearing experience. The most eye-catching is the choice of the soles of the soles of the hole is the energy ring, like a sports car wheel, the bottom of the waist power structure, soft soles to achieve a comfortable rebound, so that runners run more easily. Uppers with elastic Lycra with a dynamic package structure, so that the upper and feet fit, enhance the flexibility and comfort footsteps, so that runners in the movement comfortable and comfortable. On the basketball shoes, especially high shoes to have a kind of indescribable good impression, for an ankle injury I wear it can always feel from the soles of the feet to the heart of comfort. Since Duncan retired, the Spurs are also a lot less attention, but to see this Spurs painted basketball shoes, or could not help but heart a bit.

    Soles EVA rubber material and multi-pattern anti-skid handling, bringing excellent rebound cushioning comfort experience. Upper synthetic leather and fabric both comfortable and breathable, while the upper to better wrap the foot surface, with cross-strained shoelaces, to provide a better red bottom shoes for women package, in general, this is a thief fans exclusive casual basketball shoe. christian louboutin sneakers The weather a cold, you can always see the group to wear Qiuku, but Qiuyu Although warm, breathable perspiration is also poor point, if you really want to fall and winter sports, whether it is training or weight loss, professional sports training trousers really Can not be less, although expensive, but the comfort is really not talk about it. Winter long-term movement, inevitably sweat accumulation in the body, this time perspiration is very important, so not only rely on the coat against the wind, but also rely on tights to provide perspiration quick dry, so that the body maintained in a dry state, to avoid loss temperature.

    2017-10-20 19:12:12
  • What is the color of lazy shoes?

    With the constant pursuit of fashion, we can obviously feel that people on the clothes and shoes of the louboutin shoes style requirements are getting higher and higher, in addition to the appearance of clothing to look good fashion, but also must have the characteristics of comfortable wild, especially for Shoes, the foot is a small companion to accompany our movement every day, how can not accompany a pair of comfortable shoes to accompany it? Now the comfort and simplicity of the lazy shoes detonated the global boom, we are so comfortable and comfortable shoes are very fond of, and even a lot of consumers must have a lot of different colors of lazy shoes to match. So lazy shoes what color look good? Let us follow the fashion up to learn what lazy shoes look good color bar. What is the color of lazy shoes? Black and white lattice style lazy shoes are known as the classic veteran, this classic style is very popular in red sole shoes Europe and the United States, but also often appear in the fashion street shoot, black and white check the classic lazy louboutin shoes shoes with denim or plaid Are very popular, and now there are many girls also use this classic section of the black and white stripes style to match the dress, looks very sweet at the same time very street style. What is the color of lazy shoes? In addition to the classic black and white pattern, white muffled black shoes is also a very classic style, but also a single wild goods, fashion trend, any costumes can easily control.

    What is the color of lazy shoes? Many people think that the red lazy shoes is a very control of the color, but happens to have a fashionable people with a contrasting fashion effect, red lazy shoes with light blue jeans, a simple white T-shirt can express Fashionable atmosphere. What is the color of lazy shoes? There are a lot of noble gray, sapphire blue, charisma and other christian louboutin shoes sale lazy shoes are the color of the current very popular color, with the very good look.

    2017-10-18 20:11:53
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