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  • Take off the snow boots, for the two small light shoes

    Hot days up, the feet are not restrained, is the pair of double shoes through the gas ~ out of last year's shoes, crumpled, it is better to buy some new bar ~ anyway, not expensive, just with the new to buy Spring ~ classic do not need to doubt the strength of the Mary Jane shoes, from last year has been the fire to this year ~ temperament with a thick belt, as well as wild color, really your shoes should not be the least pair of shoes ~ Ballet shoes have long been kind of fashion ~ retro christian louboutin heels style to catch Gothic style, both elegant and free and easy, both mysterious and with the sex ~ more important is that it is super-friendly to your feet ah ~ Want to jump up ~ nothing more than the bow ballet flat shoes more classic ~ simple but not simple, any girl will be put into a girl ~ choose a comfortable feeling to buy it

    The fire is not the horseshoe buckle, is really nice ah ~ matte leather, wild, ultra-low-key ~ indeed, do not show off the fashionable, low-key gas field is the most powerful! Fluffy fluffy hair ball is the biggest bright spot ~ hit the bean bag girl heart ~ narrow round with a retro beauty, comfortable and comfortable to see ~ classic and wild little white shoes, good wear and wild ~ Whether it is spring or summer, can be perfect with ~ lost the original pair of washing is not clean, for the new double it!

    A very simple style of a pair of shoes ~ style is very classic leather handmade shoes, simple and fresh unconventional ~ can be a long time to wear, whether it is spring or autumn ~ this pair is sweet and lovely basic models of shoes, light Small pointed with lovely bow, the whole pair of shoes look neat and fresh ~ remove the bow is Mary Jane shoes, a shoe to wear! Super suitable for the lovely girl ~ a pair of beautiful do not want a small single shoes, spike your shoes on the small white shoes! Shoes and design are very praise ~ but the bean bag is the most suede suede and silk upper, the details really praise it!

    2017-03-23 23:16:56
  • Youth fashion flat shoes, walking light and comfortable and stylish

    And to the sunny, spring season! Can finally take off a thick coat, trousers and heavy snow boots it! But what type of match? Skirt and high heels may seem too young girl! So for the cool and cool you. There is no doubt that a pair of jeans with youthful fashion flat shoes is a very good choice. So now just like Xiao Bian take a look at this spring pants have what kind of popular models it! Shoes, shoes last show was thin, not with the ordinary shoe last look like foot width and foot fat situation, high-quality wear-resistant tendon outsole, has a strong European and American retro atmosphere, more comfortable walking, wear resistance Better, with lace design, without losing the style of the case, more ergonomic, wearing more comfortable.

    Tank fashion trend, full of texture, toe with luxurious simple metal buckle design, stylish and generous, the shoes are decorated most vividly, comfortable inside, skin-friendly breathable, comfortable to wear experience, selected high-quality patent leather, thick soft, stylish And practical flat, to the feet more robust protection, and not easy fatigue, military green, red, black, white four-color, fashion sense full and wild. Shoes made of PU to do the upper, the appearance of beautiful easy to care, good quality, style is also great, taobao square head design, was thin and small, more important is not grinding feet, soles are not hard on the feet , Walking up and down the shoes is very comfortable, green and brown tricolor ultra-beautiful ultra-wild, MM are the second choice of fashion

    Leather leather made of leather patent leather cortical soft and delicate, shiny, bright as new, the quality of pigskin as a shoe inside, soft and delicate, breathable and breathable superior performance, so that the feet for a long time to maintain a comfortable and healthy state, the overall simple design louboutin sale version Type, charm and natural hair, in the bright season, bring a bit fresh and comfortable. The use of high-quality light skin, a sense of layering and three-dimensional, inside the use of high-quality pig skin, absorbent sweat breathable not smelly feet, high-quality rubber material production, durable wear, but also to ensure that the soles of the soft, 3cm rough, charm bloom, elegant tip Head, dripping interpretation of women's romantic beauty, retro style, so that the feelings of the old days spread in the season. The upper use of high-quality gold velvet production, texture clear, soles with non-slip soles design, into a unique non-slip elements, beautiful and stable, 6.5cm rough with, comfortable was thin, in the early spring season with jeans, windbreaker are supermearchy, fashion Wild artifact, like the MM quickly start it

    2017-03-23 23:09:55
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