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2018 spring, flat shoes dotted shape beauty fried

Ballet shoes from the stage to the fashion street, there are many factors. Fitted with streamlined design of the foot, coupled with the self-ballet light, as well as the plot to do the romantic bedding, so that these shoes are still popular. This season, this retro style is back, christian louboutin sale flat style not only comfortable to wear and stylish enough, you can not only go out and advanced dress with occasions, but also with T - shirt jeans on the streets. Lotus leaf edge has become a representative of the femininity of women's elements, into the traditional ballet shoes, extra points for the woman. Non-symmetrical approach to create pleated beveled, interpretation of romantic yet stylish attitude. A comfortable and natural wear is our best way to treat the good season, and a pair of comfortable and breathable fisherman's shoes will be with us to spend the best spring and summer partners. Originated in southern France it, after the designer "big fuss", transformed into a single product trend, no wonder fashion circle a pair of feet.

The latest trend of the season shoes, luxury heavy elements will be generous christian louboutin red bottoms and colorful. This single shoes in elegant satin fabric, with exquisite beads outline the Louvre grid structure, full of artistic beauty, the "New Parisian" fashion attitude in the end. From the nowadays hot "fairy style" trend, the selection of silver blended yarn, sprinkle dreamy ethereal sentiment tone, so that you transformed into a fairy. Smart flash drill to form a visual focus, the fresh and elegant spring together enough to interpret shoes with red soles the new multi-faceted romanticism. Loafer shoes, "Loafer," derived from the word "Loaf," mean a laid-back lifestyle, while Loafer represents a group of people with this attitude toward life. Originally a man's loafer shoes are you playing a neutral, you do not want the same time, a wonderful single product, although it is "easy to wear and comfortable," comfortable flat shoes, but the style and tone will not be sloppy.

A pair of very modern tune Carrefour shoes is definitely your "must-have item," one of its wear on the occasion is absolutely not a pair of white shoes, and comfort is not lost, for those who do not love to wear sports shoes Of people, Carrefour is stylish, not guilty, two do not delay a good single product. Classic Carrefour shoes, exquisite christian louboutin small metal buttons embellishment vamp, add gorgeous texture, so that solid color Carrefour shoes glow newborn. Soft sheepskin, to bring comfortable wearing experience; round head design, comfort does not squeeze, care for your every step. Also make a big fuss in the vamp, to fringed embellishment, interpretation of British fashion DNA, stylish self-evident. The feeling of some Martin boots, the color is smooth, strong wear resistance, the air with the low and the soles with high temperature seal, making wearing such as walking on the air as light and comfortable.