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  • White zebra coconut again hit? Ok

    But then again, white zebra coconut is really beautiful, too attractive. To know the black and white intertwined shoe body, has been the fashion industry is not veteran elements, not to mention the classic zebra design. If pure white coconut is not dirty, pure black big repression, then the black and white zebra is just right, which is a lot of people let go of the reasons. White horse coconut is Kanye foot on the relatively high frequency of a pair of shoes, but also won the kan Ye and the majority of fans love! This pair of colors compared to other colors to wear in the feet will pleasing to the eye, not so many people like this pair of shoes. Compared to the previous high price of the white horse, and now may be easier to accept, and this time the second struck, not only to more people can grab it, but also make the appropriate price red bottom shoes for women reduction. red bottom shoes Of course, if it is not grab the white zebra color, no need to Buyiburao, for a change in the other color is also good.

    In recent years it seems very popular black warrior, and this pair of black coconut, although also mixed with a little orange-red, but it is also serious in the increase of a dynamic and dynamic, so it does not seem so rigid. Pure white coconut, pure taste, it is very refreshing, people can not refuse! If you are a perfectionist, then pure white color may be more of your appetite, just a pair of shoes, wearing a day maybe wash. Black orange, that orange bar, like the light of the night in the light, like a meteor flash, giving unlimited vision and good longing. Inherited the black atmosphere, but also the joy of orange and lively, the whole pair of shoes have a good meaning. Gray black, which is a pair of low-key christian louboutin heels color, but full of fashion shoes. The same shoe type is not louboutin sale the same taste, more than orange, red and low-key attached to the black shoes body, really emit a kind of atmospheric texture.

    2017-06-25 20:44:20
  • Sandals fashion belongs to the summer, your fashion belongs to what?

    With the arrival of the summer heat, with the comfort of the style is also more and more loved by more people, a pair of stylish sandals are all like a simple cool boys must have a single product, so that feet geng comfortable, is everyone Are difficult to refuse, the trend and comfort both retro culture as the foundation of the design, the foot of red bottom pumps the use of Velcro structure to provide the function of regulation is also very rich sense of shape, the overall simple low-key design contains more details of the idea, Pieces of clothes have a good effect Oh! Think of a comfortable and handsome summer is not difficult! The trend of the beach shoes will be your favorite models? Let your feet enjoy the release of dazzling, wild, do not wear a small foot fresh leisure temper swept! Summer so quietly still thinking about how to make your feet this summer fashion? Still thinking about how to make your feet fashion this summer?

    Shoes, ribbon with a casual style, to enhance the overall fashionable degree, the soles of the foam material selection, the softness of the soles christian louboutin sneakers are also resistant to gray and often good, still shockproof Oh! Optimize the impact between the feet and the ground, more comfortable, wear-resistant ~ with less than that shoes should be comfortable fit, summer beach sandals soles are comfortable rubber bottom, the use of Velcro design to make the upper adjustable comfortable feet , With jeans become extra of handsome, proper street style black more obvious thought of a comfortable and handsome summer is not difficult, the trend of the beach shoes will be your favorite models? Let your feet enjoy the release of the eye, wild, not grinding feet, a small leisure fresh temperament, swept! Summer so quietly came, still thinking about how to make your feet this summer fashion? Summer feet, louboutin sale has been in the canvas shoes to open the rock mode, a walk on the heat to not, suddenly the rainy day also people at a loss, to wear sandals season, do not refuse the ~

    Sandals with canvas fabric, upper riveting on the soles of the top, very christian louboutin heels durable! And the use of adjustable Velcro design, according to individual needs to adjust the size, comfort, more arbitrary. Striped fabric with soft and comfortable absorbent fabric, cutting the edge of the use of a soft sanding material wrapping, taking full account of the wearing comfort

    2017-06-22 20:37:15
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