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  • A pair of flat shoes to create a comfortable woman Fan

    Shoes do not fit, only their own know! "People describe the red bottom heels marriage is happy, will often take this sentence to beat, christian louboutin sale measurement .Beauty once used to love high-heeled shoes, and even wading wading is also worn, and some still struggling To pedal to louboutin shoes hate the sky high, the taste, only their solution! Natural christian louboutin heels and elegant style of England, brings you the incomparable beauty and confidence! Upper and inside, the rear pad are made of soft microfiber, fine texture, small pores , Advanced wiping process so that the vamp full color and brightness, the black and burgundy two colors to promote bright to the extreme! Flat mouth after the girl's ankle exposed, even more slender and soft, slightly implicit little sexy. Abrasion rubber bottom, safety non-slip. Decorative simple and generous, walking is not tired, the trend all year round! Still the classic simple shape, elegant wavy lines, foliar flowers, stylish look. Gradient microfiber used Shoes fabric, with fringe and bow above, filling Harajuku street mood. Shoes inside and insole selection of high quality pigskin, breathable, skin-friendly, without prejudice to perspiration. Heel no more than three centimeters In accordance with the curvature of the bottom of the human foot design, fit feet of natural rubber outsole, high wear projection textured, non-slip grip, so you walk a smooth, comfortable and free! Times to really care, attentive throughout the year.

    Natural waist, cotton and linen blend material, just like childhood, natural is not contrived, free and straightforward! "Park Garden America," the wide-leg shorts, smooth and comfortable, the effect of the abdomen visually, wearing the size of comfortable, not tight. Pockets on both sides, casual art, pleated waist from waist to bottom, to create loose pants, full of three-dimensional, durable material, stand the years of practice. Embroidery small fresh, cotton literary T-shirt, cute white, pink, blue three lively candy colors, girls wear this "Pick up" literary cotton linen, youthful, Jiaoqiao pleasant!

    2018-01-17 18:15:30
  • Leggings plus short skirts combined with boots but very nice Oh

    The most suitable autumn and winter girls' shoes is the women's boots, autumn and winter new short boots female tip warm, whether it is with casual jeans or shoes with red soles pants pants are very good. Perfect self-cultivation body proportion, ultra-thin a small leg jeans leggings. Classic version of the model, joined the popular element of grinding holes to make it fashionable autumn and winter Martin boots female flat boots, this a leather pointed boots, leggings plus a combination of short skirts Coupled with the boots, but very charming Oh, you can hold all the occasions it. Comfortable waist version of the package hip design, jump out of the traditional mediocre, more magic fit the lower abdomen, comfortable belly, to prevent the light quality leather upper, soft and delicate texture, naked ankle straps and buckles to create a Distinctive chic, stretch shoes easy to wear off, breathable, good comfort, warm and breathable. Joker jeans, the closet really unavoidable. Fashion sense really great. Sockets christian louboutin red bottoms on both sides, casual convenience.

    Pointed design, this autumn and winter no longer have to worry about no fashion shoes to wear Oh! Gives a different vision. High-quality fabrics are comfortable christian louboutin heels and breathable. Very thin legs pencil pants, elegant and charming, full of confidence, you will always be the same style of wardrobe closet design simple and capable, giving a soft and sweet and elegant temperament, regardless of any occasion is a louboutin heels good choice! Handsome and distinctive, to show distinctive temperament, simple basic models, simple and elegant style pointed pointed design is very handsome, simple solid color is very wild, the legs really good-looking, add a A unique style

    2018-01-15 18:23:57
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