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  • Fashion coat to wear body, shoes have to keep pace!

    Winter is coming, blowing cold wind bleak to remind us that we have to change shoes Oh, tide people have come up with their own long coat, turtleneck, trousers, what is worse, is tide shoes, and winter Although the cold, but stylish temperature can not come down, saying a pair of good-looking shoes, but also an important criterion for the overall plus points it, Xiao Bian to everyone to choose these shoes, not only stature, but will not change a small thick legs! Single shoes is a white Oxford shoes, shoes itself is a fashion item, workmanship is also very delicate, the degree of opening is a medium degree of opening in the shoe itself also has the shoelace, so that we wear this in the mouth Shoes will not get rid of shoes. Since it is a woman's shoes there must be such a wedge with the single shoes, because such shoes are essential for us and boys out of the street shoes, the shoes themselves are very beautiful, added in this vamp the treatment of this spot , But also a pedal shoes easy to wear. christian louboutin heels We all know that this shoe insoles is also very important, a good insole breathable and comfortable, and shoes ah or a shallow mouth shoes, so that we are very easy to wear, toe or a round head, so the shoes are very simple fashion. A look at the shoes is a fashion single product, the shoe's upper is very hard to add the hairy fluff, this treatment makes this shoe is very stylish. And shoes with red soles the bottom of the shoes or a rubber sole, so we louboutin shoes wear the bottom of the very comfortable.

    Speaking of this single shoes, shoes must be the sole of the tendon is comfortable, because such a foundation of shoes we are also very easy to wear, the most important thing is that we do not wear such a shoe when worn, the shoes themselves Also very nice. The most comfortable shoes to go out to the streets or the white shoes with a white shoe, so a shoe First, red sole heels it will not fall off, so we are very light when shopping, since the main point is that we must wear high street Color value of shoes is not? This shoe is the most suitable. Single shoes is a deep-seated single shoes, deep-seated shoes, we have a problem when wearing is very hard, but the zipper on the side of the shoes, so we are also very convenient when wearing , Shoes are also very beautiful. As a young and energetic girl how can not have a fashion simple sports shoes, this shoe itself is very stylish, because the shoe itself is a sports system of shoes, but also makes this shoe is very dynamic. Inside the shoes have increased, the street wear is also very suitable.

    2018-01-12 18:37:56
  • Black and white boots good ride? Brown is better

    In fact, brown boots put up clothes, as long as you master a little bit of skill, you can use it with all your clearance, such as this year's popular Check suit suit, or corduroy material single product, and your coffee color bare boots complement each other , Usually the closet most commonly used brown handbag can easily handle. Coffee color feet trousers not only elegant special, you can also show your slender thigh, 9 points trousers to accommodate your calf flesh, with slit in the seam design, easy piercing femininity and small legs ~ pointed boots This season is overwhelming, with a gentle kitten with, christian louboutin and velvet warm material, comfortable and warm to wear, and the design of the belt buckle not only atmospheric personality, easy to wear out of fashion sense ~ for black and white gray clothes, then you can With coffee color boots red bottom heels to take a distinctive, embroidered jeans, pattern cardigan, no matter how fancy patterns, rest assured to wear coffee color boots, after all, and black and white together, it will always be inclusive, but also show your modern taste .

    Jiufen Feet easier to lengthen your legs, and this version of the Slim sense of color to do the old strong cowboy look unique and unique, small flowers at the embroidery is the crowning touch, and coffee shoes match very chic ~ simple and concise Neat urban OL coffee color bare boots can be worn on the feet of an elegant femininity and gas field, leather material, zipper design easy to wear, and rough with the design so that walking comfort and sound ~ want to out of color or want to bright Mood, and more warm colors than coffee coat with, such as adding the rust-colored orange, or a little dull yellow goose yellow, so that these single product large area, but can and coffee boots perfect Fusion, not only to break the boring season, it is easier to show off your bright personality. Yellow goat yellow leather jacket to change the inherent black impression of the past, bright and warm, large lapel made a small face, and this handsome and tough leather jacket, with a full color coffee boots louboutin shoes sale have a red sole shoes personality similar brown coffee brown boots Remove the black and white ash more wild single product, this streamlined bare boots, not only the shape of the feet, heel height can wear out of style and gas field ~

    2018-01-10 18:42:16
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