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  • How to choose a pair of real running shoes for yourself? The

    Since the formal entry into the running field at the beginning of last year, the question of "how to choose a pair of running shoes that really suits us" has always plagued me. I believe most of the running friends do not know how to choose. Perhaps most of the people like me, either look at the price, or look at the value, recently listened to a running expert live, have a new perspective on this issue, so I decided to share with you. First, choose the importance of shoes Some run friends say: not a pair of running shoes? What to wear can not run? But the fact is a friend I know can not continue running because of toothache, after careful examination and found that she is a tall arch, but bought a lower upper running shoes, coupled with the lace system is relatively tight, at the beginning Only affect the speed, then it is unbearable pain. So, a good pair of running shoes can not only bring you to create pb, christian louboutin for men but also make you run happy, running comfort. Cushion running shoes, sandwiches mesh cloth uppers, thin breathable, strong package, giving you a sock-like gentle comfort; Gradient diamond mesh design fashion personality, simplicity is not simple. Sole with lightweight EVA outsole, equipped louboutin sale with hollow support shock absorption design, so that shoes have strong anti-seismic decompression ability to protect the foot from bouncing when a huge impact.

    Lightweight soles with engineering mesh upper, lightweight design to wear more breathable and comfortable; insoles, the use of sports shoes to adapt to the high rebound, better resilience and cushioning to bring a light experience; and there are four colors for You choose to be different yourself. Affect the election of the three factors shoes: road conditions, foot type, equipment volume. christian louboutin shoes So running shoes is more expensive the better? To be sure, value for money is christian louboutin for men undeniable, but the most rewarding one is for you. Slender shoe last, moderate hand feel, good package. EVA deformable soles, tractor grain non-slip outsole, with strong grip, feel comfortable enough. Soft sandwich sandals inside, comfortable breathable, can keep your feet clean and fresh, not stuffy and not dry. Seamless mesh upper, light and breathable mesh cloth boot structure, bringing a solid fit support experience; outsole into the curved groove design, plastic natural movement of the sport experience, direct injection molding one sole, soft cushioning , Light texture, wearing comfortable, with you all the way forward.

    2017-11-02 19:15:57
  • Short section bare boots, or pointed the most temperament

    Although the boots look good, but not for all the sister to wear. Slightly shorter than the small girls, in fact, more suitable for short boots. Short section of the bare boots, better with clothing; and select the style of the tip, but also more temperament. Fashion pointed, ingenuity to create personalized christian louboutin lasts. Comfortable and stylish taste, thick with the design so that everyday wear more light highlights the daily personality. Simple yet elegant fashion taste. High shoes to wear really super Fan Oh, giving a very simple experience christian louboutin red bottoms of the experience, experienced how the mentality of the process no way to know, the only thing to know is that from the bounds of thinking began to slowly active, was thin as comfortable The Full of retro taste of the high boots, the overall look to give a British gentleman's breath, all hand-made original production, whether it is to wear the people or people watching, there will be a stylish taste. Uppers high quality leather material cut stitching design,

    Classic wild style, simple and neat lines, good to wear the tide shoes, this pair of autumn and winter is enough. Selection of high-quality first-class cowhide fabric, skin-friendly material is not dull feet, comfortable and breathable, the foot is very Fan children, gently said that go away. Rubber outsole wear and light, folding off at the end, high elastic shock, comfortable do not want. Suede material, it seems to be more advanced sense, christian louboutin shoes fine with high-heeled high-level, can make your feet are also slender up, stretch christian louboutin shoes sale socks boots is the calf of the slender. The use of high-quality first layer of cowhide made of material to help face, with handsome fresh and simple style, wearing a more comfortable shape more perfect. Side of the metal ring design, so that this shoe is full of metal, street wind strong.

    2017-10-31 19:19:15
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