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  • A pair of nice shoes with fashion from the beginning

    No matter what season, what kind of clothing to wear, shoes are always the most important, it can play a icing on the cake role. Like this cold and cold weather, the shoes become even more important, and first of all be sure to keep warm, followed by have to look good, enough IN, enough fashion. Believe me, a pair of warm and nice shoes can help you become the most chic fairy. A pedal flat shoes, enhance the elegant temperament, 2CM with high, walking is not tired feet, stature more straightforward, easy to wear out a sense of seniority. Classic leather flat Martin boots, the zipper on the vamp is the middle shoes with red soles of the toe part joined the metal carved, looks retro and stylish. This mix makes this shoe more dazzling, wearing louboutin heels the same color skirt or pants can also become the focus of fashion. Leather wool material, warm and comfortable mess. Popular white shoes for a long time to wear in winter do not have a flavor. Flanging wool soft and comfortable, tightly wrapped around the ankle part, so warm like a shadow. This super joker shoes, classic models, wearing longer will not be fashion abandoned. How can winter without a pair of short boots? This kind of good and wild shoes basically I have to get into a pair each year. This shorts boots on the basis of the classic has been improved, made of wavy lace at the mouth, followed by a bow design, more girls feel Oh.

    Shoe line is very delicate, turner called industry model. Smooth lines, so that the overall temperament to enhance more than one level. Rubber with non-slip at the end with the rough with, even if the high-heeled, wear it as well. Inside the Velvet cashmere design is more christian louboutin heels warm and intimate. This year the most popular stockings women boots, all stars like it very much. Not only high value, with effortlessly, every red sole shoes minute can transform the air field queen. Although high-heeled models, but because it is rough with, so wear too comfortable. Really never worn such a comfortable boots. Boots to wear on the feet just to wrap your knees, shoes are particularly good! Not top, very comfortable, it is important to be elastic, ultra-thin feet. The texture is also very good, not cheap at all, people who wear these boots know that a very good match, start with will not make you disappointed Oh. It looks flat shoes, but can be worn to increase 5CM! Leather cashmere boots, U-shaped cut at the mouth increased the sense of hierarchy, visually richer. Increased within the section can make the body slightly forward, unconsciously, more tall and straight body, temperament even more beautiful. You know, simple, never simple. This boots look not very loud, but it feels great to wear! 6CM wedge, take the long way to go will not be tired. Using the first layer of cattle suede material, delicate and soft, comfortable and breathable, giving you non-ordinary wearing experience.

    2017-12-14 18:11:35
  • Enjoy your hormones

    Sporting man, handsome it is a mess. Strong physique, released from top to bottom of the male hormone, hair sweat wet, sexy to explode. No matter what kind of exercise, you have to run up, move it, a pair of professional shoes indispensable. Football soccer shoes, running running shoes, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, have their own professional shoes. Before exercise, equipment should be complete oh. Boys really do not love to buy clothes, but they love to buy shoes, buy one pair or two enough. A pair of shoes with a pair of clothes. No way, this is true love. Smooth shoes, stylish colors, a pair of close to the current trend of sports shoes, even if the daily wear, the same will not be inferior. Lightweight, weightless, comfortable and breathable, so comfortable shoes is really the boy's first choice. Non-slip rubber sole increases friction and protects both feet from damage. A pair of professional stability running shoes. The heel part aggravates the damping effect and effectively reduces the problem of joint damage of the foot and lower limbs caused by the heel valgus. High permeability gauze vamp, adjust the shoe space airflow, keep dry and comfortable anytime, anywhere.

    Standard lightweight design, the liberation of the shackles of their feet, like feeling barefoot red bottom shoes for women like. The perfect combination of fabric texture and leather, both solid shoes, at the level of look more enriched. Velvet lining so that winter can enjoy the fashion of warmth. Dull winter, is to be such a pair of gas shoes. Leather upper, leather twill embossed, with the overall big red toe and christian louboutin heels tongue part of the gold metal buckle, not only louboutin heels look beautiful, especially comfortable to wear on the feet, with anything nice. Super soft pair of shoes, 90 degrees crimp, no crease when restored. A pedal design to wear it effortlessly, eliminating the need for tie shoe red bottom heels troubles. With a substantial package before and after, parcels are particularly good, do not look at a pedal, it will not fall off. A very elegant retro running shoes. The whole pair of shoes all use leather material, sole softness just right, not too hard or too soft on the foot and knee injuries. Not only can wear when running, this fashionable style, everyday wear particularly good with it.

    2017-12-12 18:11:56
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