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  • How to choose the shoes? The most popular have to be three pairs!

    Do girls love to buy shoes? For me, the shoes is my love to start a single product, so many types, want to come to a pair of fun. but! This is not true after all! Even if there is such a large storage louboutin sale space to put shoes, I did not so much money to buy ha ha ha. So this fall, which shoes to buy the most practical and most fashion it? It is the degree of popularity do not have Xiaobian I said more of it Small white shoes this fire in the past two or three years, ah, still still a lot of people buy shoes preferred. I also see the small white shoes on the move to buy want to buy want to buy And now more and more shoes are beginning to try all-white design, the recent fire of the small white boots is also a good attempt Oh Small white shoes with very arbitrary, able to control a lot of style, it can be said is still very cost-effective. In the whole christian louboutin red bottoms white on the basis of adding some color elements, green shoelaces, red and black embroidery and shiny tail, so that this pair of small white shoes more cute cute, very young age Oh.

    This small version of the small version of the shoe is relatively small, can appear more narrow and more compact feet. Leather fabric is also red sole shoes more comfortable, breathable is better, early autumn wear it appropriate. Lok Fu shoes now hot, known as the "father shoes." This shoe has been wearing more men before, and now women have joined the ranks. A pedal design to make shoes more convenient and convenient, flat and more comfortable, Bashanshushui is not afraid. Fall want to buy double shoes? It is a very good choice. Le Fu shoes version of louboutin heels both formal and casual, so with the dress or daily wear are very harmonious, you like it? Shoes on the back of the little bees is the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes, more lawful overall added a cute cute feeling. Flat is very soft and comfortable, it is worth starting. Le Fu shoes have a very retro feeling, with retro dress, then you must be beautiful. In addition, it is about 4cm heel, you can let the girls higher pick some. Very much like the kind of simple feeling of grandma shoes, although most are not very delicate shiny elements, but the whole people make people feel very high. And grandma shoes fabric soft and comfortable, walking effortless Oh. Use grandma shoes, we can try some more mature charm with the style Oh

    2017-09-24 20:09:06
  • Do not have high heels high waist pants, still piercing 2 meters long legs!

    Perfect long leg is ideal for every girl, but the long leg gene is not everyone can be born with. So how are the ordinary sisters how to dress with long legs? High heels can really be high, but those who wear not used to see the sister can only see. High waist pants can pull the waist line, but wear more will be too monotonous flooding. In addition to high heels high waist pants no other way? Revealing the feet of the original is a move out of the long trick, matched with a pair of pointed shoes, red bottom shoes the effect is simply Guards! Whether it is high-heeled or flat, can make your feet look slender and slender, narrow narrow toe invisible vertical elongated the length of the whole louboutin shoes leg, but also highlights the feminine femininity. So throw away those heavy heavy shoes it! Nude color shoes has been the favorite of female stars. This is the number one leg of the first leg nirvana! Nude color shoes and leg skin color is almost the same, after the foot of the magic disappeared, as the extension of the calf, the effect is significant and natural, foot feel more comfortable than high heels. And the length of the pants to the instep is a short leg star taboo! So nine pants is christian louboutin for men the best choice, exposed ankle gives the most intuitive feel her legs are too long, the pants are wearing a short! Although this is an illusion, but in the visual can really extend the leg lines, elongated lower body ratio. Loose enough pants can beautify the legs curve, play a perfect cover the effect of meat, was significantly tall and thin! Nude color classic wild, with short skirts are not violated.

    Do you think that only high waist pants to pull the waist line? In fact, there are the same effect of short jacket Oh ~ show the entire lower body leg lines, or reveal the waist louboutin pumps a small cut white, and nine pants have the same purpose. In addition to exposed umbilical, short sweater sweater, wearing a shirt can shape this effect. Make your legs no longer only longer ~

    2017-09-22 20:03:03
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