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  • Handsome man dress skills

    The same clothes and colors, different materials and with, in the feeling, taste on the very different, or even different red bottom shoes for women from its fun! How can the men wear out christian louboutin the graceful, wear out self-confidence? You red bottom heels can wear bare leather shoes, the first choice of cowhide, very comfortable. Internal cotton comfortable foot care, elastic wiping scrub leather, honeycomb antibacterial foot pad; fashion metal buckle embellishment, no seasonal restrictions, no dress restrictions, two colors for a variety of wear. Fine polished high-quality leather, matte texture to show mature temperament, with clean and tidy upper, showing extraordinary fashion temperament, classic tooling shoes Alice head last type, strong shoes modified tall and straight posture, exposing mature self-confidence style. Classic models of footwear, tough guy standard. Is the most popular European and American models Oh Double-sided wearable fashion jacket, commuter leisure side of the same color, color or style heart switch, for the concave shape to provide louboutin shoes more possibilities. Simple and sour version of the type, clean and neat with more easily, stand collar design, so that people wearing more dynamic spirit. In the zipper, the neckline to increase the color hit the small details, to enhance the sense of exquisite dress is not boring, both inside and outside echoes the whole light.

    This is a men's casual business jacket. With fine workmanship, fabric without stimulation, soft comfort and warmth is 2 to 3 times the ordinary fabric. Quality assurance, no deformation, do not fade. Collar design simple atmosphere, both pollution and grace. Superb craft and soft fabric combination, the absolute quality assurance. Featured delicate soft leather, oil wax process, waxing after the luster more eye-catching moving. Retro texture three-color needle and thread decoration, lines simple and neat, leather material, full of glossy texture, men's leisure charm more dynamic and natural. The latest festive autumn, but also the use of the first layer of leather, comfortable and stylish young models.

    2017-09-21 20:21:00
  • You have to understand the color of women's shoes with skills

    Crush in the choice of shoes, certainly will consider their own with the clothing problem, each sales customer service in the sale will be the same time to consider. In the daily life, how to match with a fashionable playful beauty girl, today to christian louboutin sneakers learn about the color with it! Know the cold color according to the color to bring people different psychological feelings, the color will be divided into three colors: Color: red, orange, yellow and cool colors: blue, green neutral color: purple, green, black, white, gray contrast color contrast color is in the color ring on the larger or far worse color, contrast visual impact, common in Fashion circles or T stage show. Shoe bag as an accessories, can be used in contrast with the clothing to improve the degree of fashion. Daily more common in young beautiful girl wearing, shoes and clothes visual impact, eye-catching dress. Coordination color is the color of the same color or adjacent color, with a more soft louboutin shoes daily. Common coordination color with a depth with a mix of cold and warm with the same color. Dark + dark: the whole set of dark, can also be used with dark shoes. Shopping optional, handsome personality, suitable for your life, do not need too louboutin shoes much color of the decoration, to do a monochrome girl. Light + light: fresh and simple clothes, shoes red bottom heels can also choose light. Korean dress, sweet style, light color with, neat, people willing to close.

    Dark + light: clothing depth contrast, shoes can be selected from the clothing color. Minimalist style, dark brown color coordination, mutual impact, graceful dress consistent with the girl's heart. Cool + neutral color: blue supplemented by gray, white and black accessories. Quiet to be a beautiful woman, simple and comfortable, people in front of cool, could not help but look at the dress. Warm + neutral color: whether it is cool or warm, under normal circumstances and neutral color can be a better fusion. Fashion trends, big shirt and canvas shoes with the better cents Lake fusion. The same color with a series of hue the same or similar but shades of shades of different colors with a sense of fashion. Sweet style with the feeling of the whole people are sweet. Life, are you a good girl? From today, the United States and the United States out of it ~

    2017-09-20 20:16:14
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