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  • Those elegant British wind christian louboutin heels shoes, so you pocketed the rate!

    British wind to natural, elegant, subtle, noble for the characteristics, reflecting the gentleman and aristocratic temperament, individually with the taste of the European Academy wind. Whether the student party, or the workplace, gentleman temperament christian louboutin are indispensable, gentleman temperament is essential, so your shoe can not miss a pair of British style shoes. Europe has been popular in recent years, its high match with the comfort and enjoy the fashion people's favorite, comfortable texture of the imported high-mercerized anti-velvet leather do not have some retro feelings and a sense of elegance. To the beautiful and smooth shoe and craftsmanship to create high-end Bullock shoes, selected cattle back leather feel smooth and delicate, accompanied by exquisite carved decoration; hand-made soles combination of high-grade leather material, texture level Very strong, suitable for a variety of emphasis on the details and with elegant use. Bullock carved suits shoes, high-quality leather, exquisite shoe last. Calm atmosphere of the color, gradient christian louboutin sneakers design, very fashionable. Looks very texture of a pair of shoes, put it to stand up to your elegant gentleman temperament. British retro style casual shoes, the use of retro Bullock process, the perfect streamlined toe, Bullock butterfly curve, so that the body is more elegant, filled with classical refined British Fan Fan. Superb shoe-making process with exquisite carved decoration, legislation was elegant gentleman style.

    British male speed record, starting from a pair of Bullock. To christian louboutin shoes sale the beautiful and smooth last type and superb shoe-making process and create high-end Bullock shoes, the first layer of cowhide made of fabric, flexible degree, cortex clear and delicate shiny, very comfortable feet. For a pair of British Bullock men's shoes, hand-stitching process and Brock carving art, is a measure of the quality of a man or not important evidence. Continuation of the rigorous process of footwear, combined with the urban simple and casual fashion style, which derived this exquisite wild Bullock shoes.

    2017-08-02 20:21:45
  • High heels show your lovely charming fashion wind, so you charm endless

    Different from the flat shoes in order to run around the day to go fast to go fast steady, high heels is deliberately let people enjoy the life bit by bit, you can earn enough for you to keep the summer rate! Simple match, smooth lines, no high heels can not be considered summer! On the goddess of the favor, under the civilian sought after! Classic style. Shoes with good fashion beauty, coupled with the elegant white, high heels can also be very girl feeling. High heels beauty of the fun is not the call is to swing to go, you have to enjoy the essence of which, like a pointed high-heeled shoes beauty, must be a lively personality sister, and the fish mouth high heels beauty, perhaps a passionate crush , As the pink high heels beauty. We all know that she is a girl full of heart, charming charm of the beautiful woman! Increased the firmness of the shoes, so that you are more high fashion classic jeans, in addition to let you Western style wear, more comfortable and relaxed experience. It is not too exaggerated, especially in the spring and autumn season to wear some comfortable, self-cultivation pants free, enjoy the season. Why do you like to wear tight pants, just the right of the self-cultivation, was thin and even more high, more significant legs long.

    Free with a coat will be a good cover of female christian louboutin lines of the United States, so that our jeans are very type, the weather has gradually warmer, on the basis of wearing, let you confidently go out. Simple but not monotonous, wear it absolutely very christian louboutin shoes sale upright, wearing comfortable, stylish and temperament, suitable for wild, women will be better for their own, wearing easy, cotton love simple, soft fabric, will be handsome, Encounter is better yourself, a lot of sister paper like to wear small pants. This high heels look is not beautiful, the hip-hop route piercing the sense of leveling, so the upper body will be more cute, like this with several can be said to be very thin, personal pencil pants type, whether it is travel christian louboutin shoes sale or party wear This pants are definitely pulling the wind. Bow embellishment is to let you suffer from a lot of vertical, vertical stripes vision to play a significant effect, fashionable women can not miss this, loose version of the type. For the extravagant girls are easy to sweat, this high heels is very good, even more slender legs, the trend of the body of the waste will be more and more, wearing a pair of high heels. Simple and simple to show louboutin shoes sale women's intellectual beauty, high waist version of type, breathable with a very good with the following Slim pants, three-dimensional shoulder design, low-key with cool, shirt collar unique design is very good Age effect. Looks more and more Japanese and Korean trend style, and self-cultivation is more thin, creating charming legs.

    2017-08-01 20:19:32
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