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  • Beautiful global shoes, no one can miss

    Summer also beautiful, wearing a fancy little skirt how not worth shoes? The recent fashion circle can be said to be filled with the emergence of several amazing Quartet shoes, with your beautiful clothes, comfortable and soft fabric allows you to refuse foot pain, wearing beautiful shoes how can not pocketed the rate of return. Wild little black shoes have been in the fashion show field, after the transformation of the coarse heels is also very taste. Straps with heels. Refers to the hot shoes around the world, this tie shoes must be on the list of famous ladies temperament it has a band after a little more than louboutin shoes sale the taste of intellectual elegance, the choice of rough and followed by a stylish atmosphere, how to see how nice. In the shoes with a single. Simple but there is a sense of design shoes for anyone who can not bear to miss, the high-end atmosphere of the leather makes the whole shoe has a very simple but very sense of a sense of design Oh, simple upper body pleasing to the eye, round soles of feet feel good , Walking will not be tired. Europe and the United States pointed shoes. Big pointed US shoes coupled with the United States and the United States is really very eye-catching strap, it is thin design of each girl like, filling the fashion trend christian louboutin of the shoes to bring a little youthful vitality of red bottom shoes for women the atmosphere, low-key does not play Shoes your shoe worth owning.

    Why so many people like square head grandma shoes? Youthful vitality of the design, was thin visual effects, sweet and lovely red bottom shoes for women colors, stable and comfortable roots, did not lose to the big texture of any occasion can Hold live. The most like this goddess of temperament full of shoes, although it is flat shoes, but with high heels elegant Fan, clear staggered texture makes the whole shoes a bit more avant-garde retro atmosphere, wearing comfortable shoes out of the waves did not feet pain. Great love shape is very attractive to people's eyes, comfortable soft leather so you do not have the case of grinding feet, wild and practical style, whether it is skirt or pants can Hold Hold, how to see how beautiful shoes are many people Like oh Classic striped elements coupled with pointed shoes exudes an elegant atmosphere of the stock, sweet bow after the addition is a bit more playful little woman's taste, lean feet fat feet can hold the shoes is so hot.

    2017-08-28 20:07:02
  • How to wash the use of two steps to quickly clean small white shoes

    In recent years, blowing up the wave of white shoes, this slippers and there is a lovely call called a small white shoes, I believe many girls have more or less have several pairs of it! Whether it is in the winter a dark black wearing a ride to bring out a little fresh feeling, with summer fashion red bottom heels is distributed freely sexual rate of breath. But for many girls, the feeling of white shoes can be said to love and hate ah ... because it is worried that accidentally stepped on or kicked to the corner immediately buried, but christian louboutin outlet that tears. If you are also on the white shoes have a perfect request, will be able to understand that little bit of funeral is how the eye, now may wish to use the daily material, in a quick and easy way to clean up a few pairs of perfect little white shoes, Give them a clean look!

    The easiest and quick cleaning tips

    Step 1: Prepare a tablespoon shoes with red bottoms of baking soda, half a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, a little warm water, an old toothbrush or brush

    Step 2: Put the above materials together, wipe the mixed material with a toothbrush, gently brush the funeral on the white shoes, and then wait for 30 minutes, so that the christian louboutin for men effectiveness of cleaning play, and then washed with water , You can re-have a pair of clean white shoes. Why a few simple actions can be dry funeral? In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach, mixed with baking soda after the formation of the bubble material to wash the stains, it should be noted that the concentration of laundry detergent and detergent should not be poured directly on the shoe cleaning, this action is likely to cause shoes Face yellow, do not want to soak the shoes for a long time in the water, will lead to the sole degumming Oh!

    2017-08-27 20:22:15
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