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Do you think the big legs of the street are true? Thanks to high heels

Summer, you see the big legs in the street, most rely on are high heels. Especially some nude color, can be visually and your legs into one, virtually increased. As well as high heels tiptoe foot effect, compared to flat shoes is to make leg lines become narrow and shoes with red soles smooth. If you are still high-heeled rookie, then it is best not to suddenly choose 9 cm hate days high. It is best to wear from 3cm first, and then slowly challenge the higher height. Many girls do not know how to wear high heels how to stand, causing a stop, bent over a variety of posture are out. When wearing high heels, the correct standing is that one foot heel touches the middle of the other foot and forms an angle. The center of gravity should be placed on the toes of the foot. When the foot becomes tired, turn another foot. Pretending to have an invisible thread pulling the head over louboutin sale the head, keeping the head upright. Wear high heels, do not bow, to look up to look forward. Shoulders to lean back, naturally down, arms easily on both sides. When walking, you can swing your arms properly to keep your balance. Legs straight, knees do not bend, toes forward.

Ring foot heel ~ ring foot design for small with small, walking with the feet of the rookie. Vane on the edge of the design, elegant and sweet. Shoelace nail pearl is more refined, with a dress or pants are good-looking. Hollow small pointed heels ~ shoes cortex soft, comfortable feet. Heel is not high is not low, there will be no grinding feet difficult to catch the foot. The upper of the hollow flowers, fashionable ride, rookie wear must enter. Pointed cat heels ~ 3CM cat walking with the shoes just like the flat as smooth, if you want to feel high heels, and too tired, then choose the elegant shoes with red soles cat heels. Pointed section elongated leg curve, but also for small short legs of the MM. Love shallow mouth high heels ~ learning high heels, always progressive, can not be into a comfortable dwarf with the fans. Love shallow mouth high heels, girls full, pink full of special lacquer head color white. Butterfly wedge shoes to the lovely characteristics of girls to play to the extreme, and the slope with the more accurate and more comfortable. Soft soles wear, wear for a long time will not tired feet. Four winks are very good ride, it is recommended to choose nude color, more legs long.