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How boys choose Chelsea boots? Selected pairs of fried!

Now boys are not just beginning to focus on their dress, but also on the shoes christian louboutin heels they wear on their feet. Like Chelsea boots, it is known as "Duke shoes." Do not know if you like it or not? Like the boys should be quite careful when wearing suits, choose the leather Chelsea boots, this will make you look more mature and more able overall, but also modify your leg type. If you do not like the formal dress, you can also choose suede, suede and other cortex, elegant yet feeling. Specially recommended to try nine points trousers. Usually boys are more casual style, you can choose Slim or feet pants, jeans and other casual pants is the preferred, Zheshou pants will have a surprise effect, in short, do not choose very loose pants on the right! Chelsea boots are generally based mainly pointed, pointed models can be better modified leg type, make your legs look more slender, more of a handsome and free and easy. But many boys may feel that a little girl, and this Tokugawa Jun no way to judge ~ relatively thick calves boys can choose round heels with red bottoms Chelsea boots it! Because it can effectively avoid the formation of visual contrast legs and feet!

Simple atmospheric Chelsea boots short style design, suede material filling the high-end fashion sense. Whether it is with the British fashion sense of detail look or casual jeans street jeans are a good choice! Black washed denim handsome cool tough, slim was thin, and eclectic cuffs shut mouth design, so that the entire pants more modern atmosphere, filling autumn and winter type charm! The overall version of the model are christian louboutin outlet very good, not easy to deformation, round neck design modified neck, simple solid color design more stylish wild ~

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