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Pedal colorful clouds to pick up the red bottom shoes for women goddess, you also need a pair of good shoes

If one day finally can be marching colorful clouds to see the goddess of the mind, and suddenly found that he did not actually have a pair of shoes can control the clouds, that scene is really too much of the plug, so give yourself a pair of good shoes In order to prepare for the following situation ?this autumn and winter, boys to wear what shoes is appropriate? In fact, the key to wear shoes in addition to the shoes themselves, the most important thing is how to take the pants of the 20th century, 70's Martin boots is a symbol of the streets and punk, and now is the leader of the tide shoes, short boots of the Martin boots can fit Cut jeans or casual pants, in the tube is suitable for use with the pants or feet slightly tight casual pants ~ ~ simple black Martin boots, with a glossy black upper with white outsole, both full Cool strength, leisure vitality Fan, the first layer of high leather shoes to help the body, very breathable, coupled with smooth lines, put on the line can be modified very much, it seems the whole handsome slender ~ ~ twentieth century before the evolution of the formation of cloth Locke shoes is a carved shoes, as a formal occasion to attend the dress louboutin pumps must be, Bullock shoes is a gentleman's representative, it can be used with a little formal suit pants or casual pants, leather pants can be rolled up trousers do not have tide ~ ~

British wind red bottom shoes for women carved Bullock shoes, the first layer of leather upper material, the special process after the production of the color of the retro effect of retro, very layered, shiny luster, with extraordinary texture, foot feeling light and comfortable, walking silent , To create a gentleman Fan children ~ ~ Bullock elements of the small white shoes is more able to reflect the sense of fashion and vitality, but also more wild, suitable for everyday wear, breathable upper do not dull, carved elements plus The trend of the letter elements, lace design, tide range children full ~ ~ shoes can be described as the most wild shoes, you can ride your entire wardrobe, and as a both fashion and practical shoes, sports shoes Has a very wide audience, and can run at any time up the shoes, christian louboutin the most able to control the colorful clouds often feel that people who wear uniforms cool, a large part of the reason is from their boots, daily wear boots do not need professional boots as high Tube, choose a high help horse boots can be full of gas field, but also very good with ~ ~ fashion group darling horse boots, British wind retro color, high beam Chelsea design, easy to wear off the , It is very fashionable element, thick heel Oxford, in addition to damping, or to enhance small dab gas field ~ ~