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People love and hate high heels, wear a long time will be pain? Take a look at these artifacts and methods

A yellow tight fit with red bottom shoes for men a very skillful range of children, elegant hair infinite, with high heels modified body proportions, show the perfect goddess soft curve! For high heels, really let a woman love and hate. A pair of beautiful high heels make your posture beautiful, the whole person's temperament are different. But wearing high heels and often accompanied by pain.

High heels grinding feet, walking and standing for a long time to let the feet painful, then what can be done to ease the pain of high heels? When wearing high heels, with tape tied to the toe and no toe, can effectively relieve the pressure of the soles of the feet, so wear high heels for a long time is red bottom shoes for red bottom shoes for men men not uncomfortable. Try not to buy high heels online, choose their own high heels is very important, try to buy in the store.

In high heels and feet contact with the place, with a candle or soap coated with a layer, will make high heels no longer grinding feet. Toe sets can effectively reduce the red bottom heels pain caused by the forefoot force, scattered feet pressure, wear high heels for a long time standing nor pain Oh! Toe care sets can effectively protect the toes, reducing the pain of wearing high heels for a long time. We all know that the structure of high heels makes the pressure of the front foot and toes is very large, the toe sponge will reduce the pressure on the toes, ease the pain of the feet. Followed by posts can be said to be well deserved high heels essential artifact, I believe that love to wear high heels of women will be prepared a few pairs. Which T-type design, in the heel with a piece of poor adhesion of some of the shoes can play a role in reinforcement, more stable. Follow the same post, almost necessary. Before the palm pad can also effectively alleviate the pressure on the forefoot, while the silicone palm pad there is a certain massage effect. High heels is a woman's boots, pedal on the high-heeled, minutes of gas field open. However, high heels is no longer a woman's patent, and even it was not originally designed for women. The beginning is invented by men. The invention of high heels is one of the greatest monarchs in French history Louis XIV, reigned for 72 years.