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Spring and summer essential shoes - Peas shoes

Peas shoes Maybe you are familiar, but you know it's ins and outs? Car Shoe (Car Shoe) also known as Peas shoes, the reason why there is such a nickname because from the soles to the heel filled with 133 Peas. Peas shoes design inspiration from the F1 racing, it can provide the maximum comfort to the racing driver; no wonder to call the car shoes. Now, whether you are driving, or out of the street, Peas shoes have become men's shoe in the essential goods. Speaking of Peas shoes, from the process point of view, Peas are not just a simple nail up, but there are two pieces of leather, a layer of leather christian louboutin for men outside the block is the whole skin, inside a layer of leather with peas, two Layer of skin suture good, the beans to be a hand christian louboutin for men to push out. This process represents a better attitude towards life, of course, also means a lot of money. Peas shoes with its exquisite Italian pure hand craft proud, since the advent of very good experience adaptation, the classic louboutin sale line of the same strain. Each pair of Peas shoes, have to go through 2 hours, and each pair of shoes are hand-made by a craftsman hand-made hand out. Peas shoes are both comfortable and easy to wear, and with its classic shape to change the status quo, do not worry too high profile, it will not become a passerby. Xiaobian today for the tide men recommend several different texture and color of the cheap Peas shoes, do not worry about purse too flat, bold with the color of the bit out of it!

Simple fashion, leisure wild, personality trend, leading fashion! Cost-effective, in many well-known brands preferred! Good quality, excellent workmanship, high-end packaging on the grade! Send her boyfriend to send her husband have a face! When the camouflage hit Peas shoes will rub what kind of sparks it ~ is not very fashionable! Xiao Bian personal favorite red bottom shoes for women models, look good! Good clothes! And the quality of the bar, so that the price is not who! Peas shoes are deerskin scrub, where is the first layer of leather. And ordinary anti-plush different. Deer skin surface more detailed. So the price is slightly higher than the previous recommendation of a few lost, good quality highlight the taste! Red gray dark blue are very suitable for spring and summer season to wear, take a variety of tide ~