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Straight male how to look at the foot of the shoes? Are you the same?

For shoes, straight men's thought louboutin sale should be two pairs of shoes a year, a pair of wear half a year now! Do not love changing shoes, no matter what the clothes and his feet can always be a pair of "universal" shoes coupled with. Of course, there is not for the shoes do not attach importance. Too lazy christian louboutin heels to death: white shoes dirty to the heinous, compared to take care of shoes, they are more willing to sleep later or then hit Dota. Tastes bad: they are willing to come up with time to clean up their own, but they can always red bottom shoes use their own torch eyes selected 10000 pairs of shoes in the most ugly pair. In fact, the shoes for the boys is very important, because there are many girls to see boys in addition to watching the christian louboutin for men face, there is to see the shoes, so the boys have a few pairs of good shoes is very important! Set of feet design, chic version of the type, with a small pants look good, not only was high, but also gives a very clean feeling. Very young pair of canvas shoes, feet look good, version is very good. The color combination is very good, although only two colors, but it is very engaging.

Velcro canvas shoes, simple fashion, the color looks good, each has a different feeling. The quality is very good, dark dirty, light-colored sunshine. Comfortable sleeves canvas shoes, breathable is very good, shoe edge design is twine weaving, very literary range of children, a number of colors can choose, are wild. Comfortable shoe body design, black shoe body design, very dirty Oh, it is also suitable for autumn and winter season, soles soft, but also very slippery!