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Summer, red bottom heels simple Look also do not lose the trend

So hot weather, even if the tide of red bottom heels the people will inevitably have a feeling of wear and tear, but even this situation, we have to wear out the maximum sense of personality, simple wind for patients with lazy cancer is A good choice, it is better to choose wild shoes, will let you wear the icing on the cake. First talk about square shoes, we love christian louboutin outlet it rounded, love it exquisite, love it fashion, did not seem fat feet it is simply the fashion circle of the star. Followed by the most eye-catching to the number of pointed shoes, and want to enchanting feminine? Pointed shoes to give you full of temperament. Shallow mouth shoes. This shallow mouth shoes can be said that the recent hot goods in a single product, whether it is style or color, it is very wild, belong to the closet in the wardrobe can just pull the kind of clothes, but the slightest abandoned Stylish styling. What is the most popular in these years with the word, tie, love fashion you as follow the pace of fashion, take a look at the word with the shoes in the end what magic? This shoe from the work to the style are revealed its details of the United States. Retro square shoes. A lot of beautiful girls are worried that pointed shoes, although the temperament, but will appear feet long? Then it does not matter, square shoes to give you the same beauty, but no obvious length of trouble, simple shoes from the inside out of the woman's charm.

Square buckle flat shoes. Side buckle shoes is also a few years of hot style, the shoes of the fine stones so that the whole shoes Bling Bling up, the most interesting is the soles, the arc design is perfect, whether it is fat feet or lean feet can Hold live. In the shoes with a single. In the summer, this kind of single shoes is the most popular, with it just right, whether it is high sister or low sister can Hold live, comfortable soles even if the long walk will not have the feeling of discomfort, fine Fine tie is icing on the cake. One button high heels. The word buckle with a pointed with high-heeled, is simply the perfect combination of suede texture it is very strong on the feet of the temperament, exquisite workmanship makes shoes a bit more avant-garde fashion sense, this simple wind shoes It is too suitable for summer.

Square head with a single shoes. Hit the color of the design to the whole shoe a bit more avant-garde taste, pink and tender color has added a bit sweet and lovely feeling, comfortable with the design is more intimate, shopping for a long time no problem. Bare pink high heels. In order to highlight the personality of the shoes, shoes, the top of the ring shape is christian louboutin sneakers really a bit more than a bit different fashion taste, sweet nude pink in the summer is really too seductive, wild simple models can also Piercing not the same feeling.