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The original high heels is so wear, these years has been wearing the wrong!

Have to say, wearing high heels girls really have temperament, but each time wearing high heels home to see, and grinding out the blood bubble, alas, how can we do, I am also very desperate ah! In fact, high heels can also be very comfortable to wear the street, just because you open the way wrong. This method is very simple, that is, your third toe and the fourth toe tied with tape, when wearing high shoes to christian louboutin sneakers walk to achieve a smooth pressure when the role of the pressure, Hair worry high heels squeezed feet in the shoes before we can also take soap or candles in the grinding of the feet gently wipe a few places, after the heel will become not grinding feet. Square toe, with a trace of retro charm, shallow mouth design carefully modified foot lines, so that the feet look more slender and beautiful, this rough heels, whether with a dress or wide leg pants are a good choice. To high-quality metal to create a square metal buckle, more to add the elegant temperament of the wearer, and the shoes designed for the pointed, simple and generous filling the sexy charm of women.

Part of the professional wind of a single shoes, black tones more feminine intellectual and dignified charm, and the upper delicate snake texture, generous and a little charm of the taste. High heels wear enough, pointed flat shoes is also a good choice Oh! The upper gorgeous hit color stitching is very eye-catching, flat design makes your feet feel unprecedented comfort. Apricot upper, very wild, most of the color of the clothes can easily hold live, red sole shoes pointed design, modification of the foot lines at the same time the sexy charm of women to show the perfect. Focus on the absolute appearance let you become the focus of the audience a pair of shoes, hit the color stitching the upper, personality and fashion, and the soles of the use of natural rubber anti-skid bottom, so red bottom pumps that even if you wear red bottom shoes for men high heels can be comfortable and comfortable.