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Woman is really love and hate high heels, how would you choose high heels

Especially for light cooked women wearing a high heels, nude color and black two color options; small tip, cat with, after the tie = trip with other elements, all reveal a sense of fashion. Put on a small charming, with wide leg pants, skirts, jeans can make you beautiful! Cat shoes are popular this year, a shoe, sweet bow decoration, fashion wild, exudes a sexy feminine, this pair of shoes feet are very thin and stylish personality straps with coarse sandals, began christian louboutin red bottoms to wear high heels The sister of the paper, you can try Oh ~ thick with the design, walking is not tired feet, the feet are very delicate, but also particularly white upper stitching silk, with a good comfortable breathable, style is also very new; Fiber plus sponge pad, comfortable walking is not tired feet; put on looming socks and pedicure sexy, no matter how with the unique temperament, are very fashionable wild.

Super good christian louboutin red bottoms watch a Baotou high heels, want to go light line of sister paper can choose Oh ~ put on a unique charm of women, but also highlight the youthful vitality, fashion wild, with a skirt or pants can be. Feel comfortable, take a long time will not tired feet. Unique fashionable design, highlight the feminine charm, comfortable inside, with good moisture permeability, summer wear will not be stuffy feet. This year is very popular this package head sets of feet with sandals, and the christian louboutin shoes sale spring and autumn can wear Oh ~ fashion wild, very nice to see a style, shoes louboutin sale with soft PU material, with sweat and breathable function, summer wear is not boring foot. Not closed metal buckle design, added a little knowledge and elegance.